Post van theft: justice has not been done

Kirkham Open Prison
Kirkham Open Prison
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On the 19th November 2012, I had my Royal Mail van stolen from a Burnley street.

I made the mistake of leaving the keys in the ignition. An opportunist thief stole the van and I was subsequently sacked from my job after 19 years unblemished service.

What annoys me is the fact I finally got the information from the police recently about the thief who stole the van. I was told the man in question was on remand for house burglary and also admitted stealing the van. The sentence he received for both offences was 12 months imprisonment.

Personally I think it is disgusting to get such a lenient sentence and be released after nine months. I made a mistake and hold my hands up to that but I feel my punishment outweighs his and I’m supposed to be the victim.

I have lost my livelihood, had to declare myself bankrupt and lost my home as I cannot afford the mortgage. I honestly believe justice has not been done.

Alan Clarkson