Politicians must work together for good of town

Empty shop
Empty shop
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On October 10th, I went to the meeting at the new University Technical College on the problems facing Burnley.

On the panel were people from the police and health services and the voluntary sector. They gave good factual answers to questions from the audience.

They might not have been the answers the people wanted but they were answers. There were two others on the panel, our town’s MP Mr Gordon Birtwistle and leader of our council Coun. Julie Cooper.

These two spent the entire meeting blaming the other’s party for the troubles we are facing. I, along with others, was disgusted with their attitude. If we are to solve the many problems Burnley still has, we will need national and local politicians to work together to do anything.

Two of the most pressing and visible problem areas are what to do with the hundreds of empty homes across Burnley and the growing problem of empty shops surrounding our town centre.

Both these massive projects will need politicians from all the parties to work together, with developers to breathe new life into old houses.

As for the shops, many of the older buildings had at one time living space above them. Some of these could be turned into flats or apartments for students/single workers which could bring new life into our town centre. But for the project to even get started we need politicians to work together, not just to try to rip chunks from each other.

Mr D.J. Tierney

Parkinson Street, Burnley