Poem: ‘Up The Clarets’

Burnley FC promotion parade.
Burnley FC promotion parade.

So come on you Clarets, that’s the sound we like to hear;

And we are there; it must be our year.

Sean Dyche has done us proud, we’ve got him to thank;

All we need now is a bit more money in the bank.

The Premier League is nothing new, we’ve been there before;

And it’s taken a lot of hard work to open up the Premier League’s front door.

So come on you Clarets, it will be a new world this year;

But if we keeping playing like we do, we’ve got nowt to fear.

The clubs we have to face have got millionaires playing in their teams;

But the money they are on, we can only dream.

But don’t worry everybody, let’s hope we do well;

How long we will last, only time will tell.

So come on Clarets, no more worries and no more cares;

And no matter who beats us,

our pies are much better than theirs!

John Williams