Poem: Happy Auld Lang Syne

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Old Father Time looks weary

As his year in time draws close

His hair is long and white

He looks a worn-out sight.

His beard trails on the ground

As he walks slowly back, without a sound

His shoes are old and worn

His clothes are thin and torn

He is so different from

The keen and quick

Fresh faced young boy

That took on this year

With eagerness and zest

That was bursting at the seam

To give it his very best.

But look into this old man’s face

And read his every line

Look deep into his sharp, blue eyes

And see the wisdom shine.

Look at his frail old form

And think what he’s been through -

The past, the present, the future,

He’s been everybody’s time,

So raise your glass, and wish him

A Happy Auld Lang Syne.

Pollie Carver

Valley Gardens, Hapton