Planned sites will create division

Burnley's Local Plan
Burnley's Local Plan

I admire Worsthorne for forming an action group.

While I wish them a lot of luck (which they will need), do they really think anyone on Burnley Council know or care about Worsthorne or Cliviger?

We are just cash cows who pay our council tax and are law abiding citizens. It would be interesting to learn how many of the people who come up with the plan for Worsthorne and Cliviger have spent any time in either village.

I realise Burnley will have difficulties building in other surrounding areas as everywhere else is getting built with industrial units and they have not the imagination to utilise all the possibilities in the town.

If they continue on as planned, Worsthone/Cliviger will become a new town and not two villages, the gateways of some of the countryside Burnley should be proud of.

Disillusioned Cliviger resident