Pendle could be twinned with Burnley

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It would appear the Twinning Brigade are still hellbent on their purpose with the Mayor and Mayoress of Pendle visiting Creil and no doubt in the not-too-distant future, Marl in Germany.

Mr Richard MacSween, of the Pendle-Palestine Twinning Group, together with Pendle mosques, raised £978.20 for medical aid for Palestine.

If this twinning malarkey is considered necessary, why not twin with Burnley instead (assuming the habitués of Burnley are in agreement)?

Now, don’t dismiss this suggestion out-of-hand.

According to Mr Andrew MacDonald, Colne and Palestine have much in common: agriculture, and don’t forget that Burnley, too, is an agricultural area, with lots of animals in and around Burnley.

Also, there are other advantages with the Burnley venue. There would be no excessive travelling expenses required for the statutory “jolly” (sorry, fact-finding expedition).

The return bus fare from Colne to Burnley is only £5.50. OAPs could use their bus pass and travel free.

No hotel accommodation would be required and there would be no problems with foreign food and Montezuma’s Revenge.

There would, of course, have to be a return “jolly” (oops, fact-finding mission) by the Burnley contingent.

They could be met in Colne by representatives of the Twinning Brigade, have a quick “fact-find” and then be whisked away to be tempted onto the rocks of gluttony with the various tasty comestibles at the eating establishments here in Colne, and be back home before bed time.

A couple of “now twinned with Burnley” notices hammered to the “Welcome to Pendle” signposts on the outskirts of town. Everybody happy. Job done.


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