‘Overegging’ historic mill conversion plans

Brierfield Mill.
Brierfield Mill.

While anything is better than letting a building go to rack and ruin, I do think those commenting on the Brierfield Mill project (Northlight) are overegging the pudding somewhat.

First of all, we are told the team behind the project transformed Lister’s (Manningham) mill in Bradford.

But Manningham is not Brierfield by a long way and, unlike Silk Warehouse, I can’t see hundreds of people queuing up to buy the apartments.

Dr Vince Cable MP says “the building is bursting with potential”. In view of his handling of the Royal Mail flotation, this does not exactly fill me with confidence.

The scheme is also said to include a pub and marina. First of all, will those living in what will no doubt be very expensive apartments welcome a pub in such close proximity, and secondly, pubs are closing left, right and centre in Brierfield and its surrounds, so why open another one, and will it not also be competing with the popular boaters’ pub and marina which is just a short distance down the canal at Barden Mill?

Finally we are promised a rooftop viewing area with stunning views over Pendle.

So why have we called the project Northlight? It sounds cold and unwelcoming. Surely Westlight or even West Point would have been more apt.

G. Metcalfe

Smith Street, Nelson.