Our local Post Offices are under threat

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This is a warning to residents in your area and to the population of the UK in general. If the policies of Post Office Ltd are anything to go by, you could lose your nearest office.

Post Office Ltd, which is still a nationalised company, became completely separate from the Royal Mail group approximately 12 months ago. The only connection is that they hold a contract to provide a front office service for Royal Mail customers; but for how long?

I have spoken to several postmasters and they confirm PO Ltd are making cuts to the payments they receive, which will result in many of them leaving the business, as they can no longer make enough money to continue.

It is apparent from my inquiries that many smaller sub-offices will close, as the decline in payments continues. Some offices have already been downgraded to “locals”, resulting in a reduction of the services they offer. I believe it is the PO policy that most branches will become locals or close.

When a local postmaster retires or leaves the service, the management’s response is very poor in finding alternative premises offering a similar level of service in the same locality.

Post Office Ltd are also not attracting any new business in sufficient amounts to retain the existing network. What happened to Mr Cameron’s statement three years ago that there would be no reduction of the PO network and it would be the “front office for Government services”. If you ask your local postmaster, as I did, he will tell you this has not materialised, no matter what propaganda the Post Office put out.

It is, therefore, obvious that a once proud and professional service is not going to be a major player in our lives in future; and I expect at least hundreds of offices will close.

Of course, Post Office Ltd will disclaim responsibility; saying it was the postmasters’ choice to leave the business. This is poppycock as it is their policies that are creating this situation.

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