Obscene language as censorship rules watered down

children watching television.
children watching television.
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I am deeply concerned that children under 12 may soon be freely exposed to obscene language at the cinema following the decision by the British Board of Film Classification to water down current censorship rulings.

Films rated 12a already allow children of any age so long as they are accompanied by an adult and there have been a number of occasions where the BBFC have got their classification wrong with such films containing rather graphic violence or adult themes. We don’t need to compound these problems by adding vulgar language into the mix.

Local councillors have the power – under the 1909 Cinematograph Act – to ban any film they deem unsuitable from being screened.

I would rather we did not talk about the prospect of councillors deciding on what films can or cannot be shown in cinemas across their boroughs but if the BBFC continues to neglect their duties of responsible film classification then I fear it could only be a matter of time.

Paul Nuttall

UKIP North West MEP