No one takes notice of the 20mph signs

20 mph speed limits
20 mph speed limits
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At considerable cost to council taxpayers, many 20mph signs were made and erected all over Burnley by Lancashire County Council.

It was clearly stated these areas would be monitored on a regular basis to ensure the speed limit was being adhered to. What an absolute joke!

Most drivers are either ignoring these signs or don’t have the ability to read and these areas are definitely not being monitored by any officials whatsoever.

I am extremely angry and very upset. I have just had to have my 15-year-old cat put to sleep because of a speeding driver, but, it could have been a child or someone who isn’t quick enough to dodge these cars.

I can think of a way we can all have our council tax reduced. Put speed cameras in the vicinity of these signs. Thousands of pounds would be made because of the non-compliance of drivers. From the traffic lights down to Barden Lane and vice versa Windermere Avenue is a racing track. Burnley police also take note. Just site a traffic car on here permanently and your coffers would swell enormously.

L. Gibson

Windermere Avenue, Burnley