New Clitheroe homes ‘blot on landscape’

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The following is a copy of a letter sent to Ribble Valley Borough Council’s chief planning officer Mr John Macholc, and below it is Mr Macholc’s reply:

Dear Mr Macholc – regarding the Henthorn Road South Development, I am writing to ask how on earth you could have approved the construction of the monstrosities being built by Taylor/Wimpey?

They are quite hideous, far too high and totally out of keeping with the area in which they are situated. They are a blot on the landscape and are totally destroying what was a very pleasing rural and scenic view. The RVBC should be hiding their heads in shame for allowing a development of this nature to proceed.

If Taylor/Wimpey are successful in getting their hands on the fields opposite I sincerely hope you will agree to nothing more than low rise development in keeping with the existing housing they will abut, ie. the bungalows in Kenilworth Drive. Your comments will be appreciated.

Andrew Moore,


Mr Moore – Thank you for your email. I will visit the site next week and assess your comments.

However, I can assure you the overall design and height of the buildings and relationship to the local environment were considered by the case officer and the final approved plan was different from the original submission as a result of various design and layout changes.

I note your comments in relation to the further application, but this would be subject to detail consideration should the application be approved.

John Macholc,

Head of Planning Services, Ribble Valley Borough Council