MP debate: be careful what you wish for

Hopeful: MP Nigel Evans
Hopeful: MP Nigel Evans
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Recent editions have had at least one letter critical of the extra-curricular activities of our local MP, following revelations in a recent court case. Yet pull aside the curtain of respectability of many, many MPs and their goings-on would raise the moral indignation of correspondents to new heights of disgust.

Yet back in 2009, when The Great Parliamentary Expenses Scandal erupted, how many letters of complaint were printed?

My guess would be none.

To quote from the website of the exposing paper “Nigel Evans claims up to £1,750 a month mortgage interest on a London flat and very little else. Occasionally claims £1,500 service charges and for television and council tax.”

So there you have it, no second home flipping, no duck house, no 10p for a bath plug, nothing to moan about.

Some of your writers are wishing for Nigel Evans to resign or be deselected. The moral of the story is simple.

Be careful what you wish for, the alternative could be much, much worse.

David Grainger,