Market bosses need to bring in new ideas

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My wife and I have used Burnley Market for the best part of 38 years and the council’s quote “Use it or lose it” is not the right message.

The market has been badly managed over the last few years. It has just deteriorated. Nothing appeals any more. When people started going to Blackburn and Bury Markets then surely the warning signs were there. When you go to Blackburn it’s a pleasure. It’s a day out all in one precinct. All the big stores on the top level, the market below, each feeding off one another.

That’s why it’s important for the market management to bring in new ideas. It’s easy to say use or lose it, but certain people get paid big money to keep these places running. Get the ideas right and the people will come. Get it wrong and you might as well lose it.

Peter Ingham

Sycamore Avenue, Burnley