Major abuse of one-man, one-vote system

Ballot box
Ballot box
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At least two senior Labour politicians have admitted that when they were in government, our borders were deliberately removed to encourage immigration. The object being that those who arrived in this land of milk and honey would be so grateful that their votes would keep Labour in power.

Next, wanting to make it easier for those supporters who could not even be bothered to go to the polling station, they extended postal voting to all and sundry. As we have seen, this has resulted in major abuses of our one man-one vote system.

A recent report does little to rectify the situation. Having a policeperson in the polling station will have little effect as people coming in in different guises to vote more than once are not the big issue. It is postal voting that is the problem and until it reverts back to what it was originally, i.e, only for those who have a legitimate reason for not being able to get to the polling station, the abuses will continue.

D. Walker