LETTER: Wonderful care received at care home

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WE are all too familiar with stories in the media highlighting the failures to be found in care homes, yet my own experience presents a completely different picture.

My wife recently died with dementia after spending nearly two years in the care of an East Lancashire care home, where she was looked after with a professionalism, sensitivity and genuine love which was humbling in its completeness.

At all levels the staff treated her as an individual, worked tirelessly to provide her with a stimulating environment and never lost sight of her as a person. So, too, the care and support offered to me and my family, especially in my wife’s final days, was exemplary.

Our lives were enriched by our daily contact with them. We are so grateful that she died in their care and in the lovely surroundings that we had come to regard as her home.

Care homes of this standard are to be treasured as they perform a crucial service to the local community.

To achieve such a standard requires a great deal of hard work, constant revision of standards and a genuine sense of vocation on the part of management and staff, but it can be done. It is long overdue that we celebrate such wonderfully dedicated carers rather than allow the misdemeanours of the few to dominate the headlines.