LETTER: Why do we put up with Lancashire County Council?

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SORRY Mr Editor and readers, but at a time of supposed goodwill, I need to ask you all a question, and it’s not from a cracker.

Why do we put up with Lancashire County Council?

From last week’s front page, the council is supposed to monitor the care our old people receive in care homes. It fails to do so properly.

It proposes to close down all of the social services offices in Pendle despite protests from a wide range of local organisations.

It decided, again in the face of large scale opposition, to close our local recycling centre.

It wanted to scrap our local 16 bus service with little consultation as to need or alternative.

It even decided to scrap information about bus services at Nelson Bus Station.

It decides how and when the street drains are cleaned, not when they are blocked.

It decides when and which streets are gritted, without much reference to those of us who live over here.

It decides on school buildings over the whole county, as we know, splitting a village community here.

It charges us for services but it decides what, how and when we can use them.

Why can we, not the council, have the powers to decide how and what we want to spend our money on?

Our UKIP man is fixated on getting out of Europe or getting powers returned from the EU.

All our politicians need to reconsider about how we reclaim our right to decide our local prioriities - to decide for ourselves with whom we wish to co-operate and what we can best do for ourselves.

Do we need this layer of government?

Could we not save a lot of time and money and, of course, vast councillor expenses, and do a far better job locally?


Knotts Lane, Colne