LETTER: Where’s our ‘Smiley Man Speed Checker’ gone?

AS residents of the Cog Lane area we would like to thank the highways and accident prevention team for the installation of a “Smiley Man Speed Checker” just above Venice Avenue.

The thing that puzzles us is: why was it taken down within 14 days? Was this a short-term measure? If so, how much money and time did it take to install?

As we have a 20mph speed limit in the area and drivers abuse it anyway, what can be done to enforce it? What is the next course of action or is that it?

When we lived in the Accrington Road area we asked for safety measures to be put in there as it was a rat run (and still is). The reply was that there weren’t enough accidents reported to warrant the measures. Do we, the residents of Cog Lane, have to wait for a fatality before calming measures are put back in permanently? Children and cars do not mix.