LETTER: ‘We’re all in it together’ is the biggest joke of 2010

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George Osborne’s statement (we are all in it together) has got to be the joke of 2010.

He swans off to Klosters skiing, Zac Goldsmith is staying in a £8,000 a week hotel in the Caribbean. These are just two I know about. How many more are at it I don’t know. At least the Prime Minister scrapped his plans to holiday in Thailand. Was he leading by example or was he too embarrassed knowing what the tax payers were facing in the new year?

Petrol and diesel up 7p a litre, lager up 6p a pint, car insurance rocketing ever upwards (the ordinary working man can no longer afford to go for a run out on Sunday), food prices soaring and VAT up to 20%, increases which will hit particularly the middle class and the pensioner.

Mr Bercow, Speaker in the Commons, held a champagne party on the terrace at the Houses of Parliament for 500 MPs and their friends on New Year’s Eve to watch the fireworks, charging £22 a ticket, and defended it by saying half the money was given to charity. The other half went on paying the bar staff. Who paid for the champagne then? You get one guess only. Crispin Blunt, the Prison Minister was there enjoying the fun while Ford Open Prison was burnt to the ground. The latest in the expenses row concerns Mr John Reid, now Lord Reid, another failure and former Northern Ireland Secretary and now Secretary of Celtic Football Club, has been hiring limos costing tens of thousands of pounds of the taxpayers’ money to transport himself to at least 15 football matches all over Scotland and also to club meetings. The big excuse for this is that Lord Reid is afforded a car for protection because of his previous job.

From what’s been printed in the papers previously, I would have thought Lord Reid would have more to fear from his past associates in Glasgow than his past in Northern Ireland - what a distasteful bunch of nauseous hypocritical chancers the politicians past and present in our country are.


Ethel Street, Barnoldswick