LETTER: We paid Europe for new Nelson town centre

I DID not know whether to laugh or cry when I read that, thanks to a grant from the EU, all the work done to re-open Nelson town centre did not cost Pendle taxpayers one penny. What a load of rubbish! Let us just look at the facts.

Last year, Britain’s contribution to the EU almost doubled from £5.3 billion to a massive £9.2 billion. That is the equivalent of £230 for every household in this country which, of course, includes Pendle. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out that all we got back was a tiny fraction of what we had paid in. The rest of the £9.2 billion was wasted on telephone number salaries, expenses, severance payments and pensions for EU Commissioners, MEPs and officials, frittered away on ridiculous schemes, or has disappeared on scams.

Not a single penny indeed! I am convinced people who make statements like that must think we are as stupid as they are.