Letter: We need to work together

Having read a number of recent letters pertaining to the resignation of John Stubbs as Chairman of Burnley Cricket Club I feel I must add my own comments to the mix. There appear to be two issues here, one being John’s resignation and the other being the ongoing saga surrounding Burnley Football Club and its plans for development.

Firstly, regarding John Stubbs, I must endorse the earlier comments of Harry Brooks. As chairman of the Junior Section at Burnley Cricket Club I have over the years of Johns tenure, had a number of run ins with him over various issues as is normal at most clubs when decisions have to be made, but I can say unreservedly that John is a man of immense principal and his resignation as chairman is a massive loss to all at Burnley Cricket Club. Rumours circulating that he was not acting in the best interests of the cricket club are totally unfounded and are completely wide of the mark. His business acumen has been invaluable in dealing with Burnley Football Club and this input will be sorely missed. I was also present at the recent AGM at the club and I witnessed a shameful character assassination by some “members” of Burnley Cricket Club of a man who undoubtedly had the best interests of Burnley Cricket Club at heart. This verbal attack was completely out of order and I can fully understand why John decided to step down. Harry hits the nail on the head with regards the timing of John’s departure as we as a club are now left with a massive void to fill as we attempt to negotiate a successful outcome with Burnley Football Club over the proposed developments.

Positions on the management committee of Burnley Cricket Club are available to any member who wishes to join. Unfortunately you may have to do many hours of unpaid work like John Stubbs did and like the vast majority of the volunteers down at Burnley Cricket Club continue to do. Mention has also been made of “members who have played for and supported the club for over 50 years” reminding us that Burnley Cricket Club is first and foremost a cricket club. Neither John Stubbs nor the rest of the management committee have ever forgotten that. We want what is best for Burnley Cricket Club to ensure cricket continues to be played by the next generation of James Andersons and I would point out to the “older” members of the club that the largest group of members down at Burnley Cricket Club are the juniors. Indeed senior membership fell by more than 80 last year and was only compensated by the increase in junior memberships. This is down to the many hours of unpaid work put in by my junior coaches, managers and parent helpers to ensure junior cricket continues to flourish at Burnley Cricket Club.

Secondly, the issue surrounding the proposed development by the football club. Of course the football club receive more column inches in the media than an amateur cricket club does. That’s just market forces as the football club is a major asset of this town and more Burnley Express readers are interested in the football club than the cricket club. However, this does not mean that the football club can “walk all over the cricket club” as some members believe is happening. Nothing has been done and nothing will be done until the cricket club is satisfied that any plans put forward are capable of sustaining the long term stability of the cricket club. If plans put forward do not meet our requirements then I can assure all members that quite simply no relocation will take place.

Finally, I would emphasise the need for all members to support Burnley Cricket Club. It’s no good just watching the first team. We have a 2nd team, 3rd team and nine junior teams at Burnley Cricket Club who all need support. We still have to pay umpires’ fees, scorers’ fees, groundsman etc and we need members to spend their hard-earned money at Burnley Cricket Club supporting all the teams. We have an active social committee organising events and I would ask all members to support firstly, the car boot sale on the morning of Sunday, April 3rd, and also come down to the Nat West Cricket Force day the following Sunday, April 10th. Come and help with a few jobs that need doing around the ground, have your lunch at the club and watch the 2nd X1 at home to Read in the afternoon.