LETTER: Warning signs of climate change

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OVER the past few weeks, reports from America indicate grain harvests will be severely affected by the extreme heat and drought. Farmers are slaughtering their herds because of the lack of fodder and water.

Similar conditions have affected Russia, not quite as extreme as two years ago, but there are reports that grain sales to the rest of the world will either be restricted or withheld.

Grain from Australia is affected by drought. Forest fires have been a feature throughout France, Spain and Portugal, as have poor harvests.

In this country, we have been affected by extreme wet weather. Not since records began has there been a year like this one for wet conditions.

Potato growers have largely not planted a crop because the ground was too wet or have found that when they did plant, their seed potatoes turned to mush and rotted in the ground.

The fruit harvest in Kent is a fraction of its expected level due to the lack of pollenating bees in the early part of the year and, of course, the lack of sunlight to ripen the crop.

Food prices will inevitably rise everywhere due to shortages. Those whose means of affording foodstuffs is limited will go hungry.

It was the price of bread that caused the upheavals throughout North Africa and Egypt last year. There are now nine billion mouths to feed in the world and shrinking resources to feed them all.

Climate change is of major importance and people are still sceptical. We as a people have to wake up with a jolt and realise these issues are serious and pressing.


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