LETTER: Wards of Burnley that pay most get least services

With reference to the letter from Marie-Louise Nixon (Express, February 18th), while I also applaud Coun. Cosima Towneley in her efforts to keep Cliviger tidy, it seems somewhat incongruous that the area of Burnley with the highest council tax rates has to rely on one of its own borough councillors to do the work which our council tax should be paying for.

Once again, those areas which pay the most are left to fend for themselves while those that pay the least merely need to snap their fingers and Burnley Council is bending over backwards to help. Although, having said that, it seems councillors in certain areas of the town might take a leaf out of Coun. Towneley’s book and try taking a bit of pride in their wards instead of expecting everything handed to them on a plate.

I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies in that at least our council tax rate has been frozen for the next financial year and at least we get our bins emptied – but that’s about it.