LETTER: Village councillors to blame for Ribble Valley housing fiasco

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May I first thank every one who has wished me well on the announcement, a few weeks ago, of my retirement from active politics.

After nearly 50 years of activity in that field, I promised myself that when I reached 70, I would stand aside and let the younger generation take the strain.

I started in politics when I got involved in the Trade Union side of things, being active in the construction industry fighting off the activities of the Communists for years.

After a few years of dabbling with the Labour and Liberal parties, I decided my best choice would be a fully independent activist.

I have been asked a few times to join the Conservatives, but found them to be a very anti-workers type of party and one that does not fit well on my shoulders.

Once a pro EU person it did not take me long to see what a corrupt and anti-democratic establishment it was, hence my support for the only decent party now in the UK, UKIP.

To be honest, if every one knew what went on in the corridors of Brussels, we would never be part of that organisation again.

Now let’s get to the main reason for this letter, the on-going fiasco called the housing boom here in the Ribble Valley.

Reading the papers over recent weeks, one finds all the so-called politicians in the Ribble Valley have now realised what a kick in the teeth they have given to the populace in Clitheroe and Whalley, all are now trying to justify the big blunders of the past few years that these mostly Conservative village councillors have bestowed on the working class here in Clitheroe area.

We have had articles about this and that from mainly Conservative councillors basically condemning anyone who has disagreed with the past and present planning application from any one and every one in the building industry.

The latest ones are from the Conservative councillor for Wilpshire, Stuart Hirst, who in his “As I see It” article is typical on how out of touch these village councillors are with Clitheroe/Whalley people.

He rants on about this and that, mainly condemning the hard work by CRAG members with a strong unwarranted attack on its chairman, Steve Rush.

He states Steve has a political agenda that does not go well with him being chairman of CRAG and also a member of UKIP.

Let me tell you, Mr Hirst, that Steve got involved in the Whalley anti-housing group some years ago simply by knowing and working with local Whalley people and was asked by them from the start that they did not want it to be a political forum for the UKIP party who had for many years, might I say, saw what a shambles the ruling Ribble Valley councillors were making of the housing situation.

Steve and I had no problems with that and he worked with various action groups there after on those conditions. So, Mr Hirst, don’t ever again criticise Steve’s hard work for the worried people of Clitheroe and Barrow/Whalley.

If anyone is to blame, it’s the village councillors of this borough, the greedy land owners and greedy developers who have a common streak running through them and that, As I See It, is they all are from the same party.

One last thought, would it not be advantages for the people of Clitheroe/Barrow and Whalley to drop out of the federation called Ribble Valley Borough Council and go their own way, at least doing that, we will be at least masters of our own destiny, instead of being dictated to by the (unspoiled) village councillors we have now. Just a thought.


Edisford Road, Clitheroe