LETTER: Twinning decision has no regard for public

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I COULD not believe what I was reading in your January 7th edition. Pendle Council has decided that we should twin with a town in Palestine.

I wouldn’t dream of pretending to be an expert on the West Bank, and I doubt very much whether our councillors are either. We have the British Government to take up those issues for us, but as someone who trained in the RAF, I am ashamed my local council has now twinned with a state which harbours terrorists and launches suicide attacks against civilians.

I am more concerned about the incompetence of the people who voted this through. They are elected to represent and improve Pendle. It seems to me they are using their positions to do whatever they wish with no regard to what the people of Pendle actually care about, and worse still are choosing to use those powers to support terrorist states.

It would seem that Labour and the Lib-Dems who pushed this through have ideas far above their station. They need to remember that they are there to help us with local issues; they are not running the world.

Labour and the Lib-Dems certainly won’t have my vote next time. I want someone who looks after Pendle, not Palestine.


Lee Street, Barrowford