LETTER: Stop complaining about paying Council Tax

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In response to the letter from F. Childs, Burnley, in the letters’ page on June 3rd:

If you are going to make a complaint, make sure you complain about the correct people. Lancashire County Council are responsible for street lighting, not Burnley Council.

As for your question on what you pay your council tax for, why don’t you read the leaflets that are in the envelopes with the council tax bills, but you are probably one of those people who say they are a waste of council resources.

If you have disposed of the leaflets you can find Burnley Council on its website or it would send copies if requested. I am sure if F. Childs’s house was on fire, or he/she was mugged, raped or burgled they would want help immediately. Lancashire County Council receive the lion’s share for education and highways.

The fire authority and police authority receive a small percentage.

Council tax may not be the preferred tax to be paid by everyone, but at present we are stuck with it.

Quit the whinging about having to pay council tax (not just F. Childs) then having to ask where the money is allocated or saying it is an unfair tax.

Just think of those people in the world who have no home, are killed innocently, suffer after earthquakes etc., then come back and complain about council tax!