LETTER: Setting right Lib-Dem claims on Burnley General Hospital

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I WAS visiting my friend yesterday who lives in Sycamore Avenue.

While I was there, a Lib-Dem leaflet was delivered.

She would have simply thrown it in the recycling bag but I caught sight of a headline about the hospital so I had a look at it, bearing in mind I live across from the hospital and know a large number of people in my area who work there.

I have to state here and now that I only write this in the interest of fairness and to point out a few flaws in some of the Lib-Dem statements.

Firstly it seems they are trying to move the goalposts here yet again.

They are now saying Gordon Birtwistle, Charlie Briggs and Burnley Lib-Dems have campaigned tirelessly to get services returned to Burnley, the operative word here being services, because that is a rather sweeping statement to make when there are numerous services provided by the NHS in Burnley.

I’m sorry, but they cannot be allowed to get away with this.

The only thing they have ever said they were campaigning for was the return of A&E and, to a lesser extent, the children’s ward, and what really attracted my attention to this missive was the clear statement that we have had cuts to the A&E and maternity unit.

Try as I might, I can’t honestly see how they can justify that statement.

We’ve just had a brand new state-of-the-art maternity unit built or am I seeing things?

So far as ambulances returning to Burnley, that decision was made months ago and should have been implemented then.

Why wait until you need something to put in your leaflets again.

But again, if you read this leaflet you would be forgiven for thinking it was only happening in Burnley. Stuff and nonsense, it’s a national thing, and before I finish I notice they are also making a big issue of council tax being frozen by the Lib-Dems in Burnley and stating this was only possible because Charlie Briggs and Gordon Birtwistle fought to get extra funds for Burnley.

Well, I thought it wasn’t extra at all just a mistake by the Government.

Perhaps it would be a good idea if someone had a quiet word explaining to them that every council in the land has frozen this tax and the Government actually gave them extra money to cover it.

Oh and please stop trying to treat the public as idiots because we are not you know.