LETTER: Railway link would be better than M65 extension

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For 10 years, the volunteers of Selrap have engaged with a doubting public in the quest for the re-opening of the Colne-Skipton rail line.

A harmless bunch of “oldies” living in the past is one of the more polite comments.

“It will never happen” has been the general view of most people, even those sympathetic to the idea.

Now, when the idea has gained credence, because of the tenacity of those people who had a dream 10 years ago, and have worked hard to fulfil it, it looks more like when, not if, the Jean Rileys come out with objections.

Well Jean, now is your chance! If you truly believe the M65 should not end at Colne but sweep past Foulridge, Kelbrook, Sough and Earby on route to Skipton and kill off the railway idea, get on the campaign trail at once.

First of all, tell us the cost of a four-lane motorway with central reservation. An electrified double-track railway has been independently costed at the high end as £100m., built on the existing track bed. An electrified railway would be far more environmentally friendly.

Would the people of your area really want the upheaval of road works with slip roads, roundabouts and service stations? A reinstated railway, electrified, built on the existing bed would require far less upheaval to the life in the area.

But it’s a choice; whatever happens, some people are going to be unhappy - that’s life!


Knotts Lane, Colne