LETTER: Public views are encouraged

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ON January 8th you carried an article about residents’ opposition to an application for an off-licence in Brennand Street.

In the article you mentioned that the public couldn’t speak at the meeting. That was incorrect.

In fact, the council wrote to the 140 people who signed a petition against the off-licence telling them they could speak at the meeting if they wanted and residents’ action group secretary Mrs Jennifer Braddock who was mentioned in the story did, in fact, speak to the licensing committee as part of the debate.

Public debate is an essential part of the democratic process and Burnley Council actively encourages residents to speak at meetings in all but a few cases where confidential information is being discussed.

We recently launched a campaign – Have Your Say – which set out clearly people’s right to speak and how to take part in the democratic debate. Leaflets giving details are available at Burnley Town Hall and Contact Burnley. Residents are also encouraged to raise issues with their local councillor – contact details are available on the council website www.burnley.gov.uk

Rather than stopping residents from expressing their views, we promote them doing so.