LETTER: Praise for Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre

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MAY I politely request the opportunity to respond to the article “Death Knell For Our Hospital”?

I do appreciate there are many issues that need to be resolved with regards to services and funding at Burnley General. However, I also feel it is of equal importance to acknowledge and reward the efforts of the departments and services that currently exist.

Therefore I would like to highly commend the dedication and efforts of the staff at the Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre. My husband and I consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have delivered our second son, baby James, there on August 17th. Every single member of staff excelled in the care they provided and the facilities at the centre itself were top class – carefully designed to make people feel comfortable and at home.

Despite the bad press the hospital is currently receiving, I strongly believe we are very fortunate to have such an excellent resource on our doorstep. Many, many heartfelt thanks.