LETTER: Plans for future Christmas lights

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There have been discussions at Kelbrook and Sough Parish Council meetings regarding the festive lights in both Kelbrook and Sough.

Pendle Council’s West Craven Committee allocated £2,000 to Earby and surrounding villages this year and it was agreed this money could be spent in Kelbrook and Sough. It was decided to use the available monies this year to begin a programme of improvements for Kelbrook and Sough that will be implemented over the next few years.

The cost for the lights in Sough to be replaced and improved would be £2,795, so the first stage is to install electricity in the beck area of Kelbrook this year. The improvements to the lights in Sough and the new lights in Kelbrook are the next stages of the work and will be dependent on monies granted next year from the West Craven Committee along with additional funding from the parish council.

The parish council is proud of its history of not setting a precept which means no monies are collected for the council from residents’ council tax bills.

The councillors would not set a precept without seeking the opinion of residents, but due to the reduction in grant funding the parish council may have to start these discussions with a view to raising money to help pay for future projects. The council is committed to improving the festive lights over the next two years and hopes to provide a much improved display for residents.

Any resident is welcome attend any of the council meetings and there are still vacancies for new councillors.

Inquiries about becoming a councillor should be made to Susan Graham, clerk to the parish council, on 876950 or email: clerk.kelsoughpc@btinternet.com