LETTER: Plans for former Kwik Save site will help to redevelop area

WITH regards to K. Royal’s letter of February 25th commenting on the Kwik Save site, or should I reply to the Labour Party, as once again they are farming out letters for publication in the name of members or supporters of the Labour Party.

The purchase of this site was financed from the Housing Market Renewal Fund, which was ring-fenced to assist in regenerating the area. As the site was being plagued by vandalism, tipping, which would encourage vermin to leave the site, was not an option. Over the two years since Kwik Save vacated the site the council even had to move gypsies off the site. I would like to ask K. Royal what he would advocate doing with it.

Was his vision to leave the site and let it become derelict? With gypsies camped on it? If so, that would be quite some vision for a visitor visiting the town for the first time. It is hardly the image you want to project when you are trying to encourage investment in the town and the creation of new jobs, which we need. The Lib Dems are trying to turn back 40 years of neglect under a Labour administration. The only legacy of 40 years of Labour rule was a car park at the back of the Town Hall costing £1m. in the eighties. Their vision of grandeur was to build a Civic Centre, but they ran out of funds. They were left with just the foundations. The result being it was used for a car park for town hall staff at a cost of £1m.

K. Royal wanted to know why Kwik Save pulled out. This was due to a merger with Gateway and a rationalisation within the group. He also seems to think Farm Foods lack judgement with regards to the acquisition of the site. I can assure him they will have researched the market thoroughly if they are making such an investment. Farm Foods are obviously confident they have made a good investment and it has been a good deal for the council as it will create new jobs. They will receive good business rates and it is the start of regeneration in the area.