LETTER: Padiham’s ‘Mystery of the Easter Egg hunt’

“THE mystery of the Easter egg hunt” on Easter Sunday, sounds like an Agatha Christie doesn’t it?

Well, my family and I, along with many other grandparents, mums, dads, friends and lots of very excited young children were at Memorial Park at the advertised time, all ready and waiting to go egg hunting.

Unfortunately that is all we did, wait. This was a non-existent event with no sign of the organiser. We all waited anticipating the park rangers’ arrival. The lovely lady in the cafe apologised sincerely for the disappointment and sold ice creams which kept the children happy a little longer on this lovely sunny day.

When my four-year-old granddaughter Tierney finished her multi-coloured lolly she tried to disguise her disappointment that the Easter bunny had hidden her egg so well we had to abandon the hunt.

Well, what else could you say to an innocent four-year-old girl? I could have told her it was through someone’s complete stupidity and total ineptitude, who in my humble opinion should publicly apologise and hang their head in shame and be held accountable for their actions, followed by disciplinary action.

What kind of Easter message was this? Someone needs to be held accountable for this debacle. I overheard a parent mention some party in a brewery, so we decided to go there.



In response, Mr Simon Goff, head of green spaces for Burnley Council, said: “We are very sorry the children who had hoped to take part in the Easter egg hunt at Memorial Park were disappointed.

“Due to the excellent weather we had on Easter Sunday all of our parks were much busier than usual. As a result all our resources were overstretched dealing with issues in other parks. Unfortunately this meant the egg hunt could not take place as planned.

“Our Senior Park Ranger has contacted the Friends of Memorial Park to apologise, and by way of compensation we invite the family to contact us directly on 01282 664614 so we can arrange to provide them with vouchers for free children’s activities at Thompson Park.”