LETTER: Only criticise politicians if you vote

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I HAVE been following the flow of letters on voting and criticising politicians.

It is my considered view that one only has the right to criticise when one has voted in the election.

We all have the chance to be heard through the ballot box when elections come around so long as we are on the electoral roll.

The turn-out figures reveal apathy rules and we possibly get the Government we deserve.

I am the product of two parents who were at the sharp end in the last war. My father made tank parts by day and was a fireman at night, and my mother endured four years of Nazi occupation and knew only too well what it felt like to lose freedom.

They both believed the war was fought for freedom of choice and democracy for the future - our right to vote is one of those freedoms and it should always be exercised.

If we are to adopt the Australian (and other nations) system of being fined for not voting we will also need to have an extra category after the various candidates of “none of the above” but also be prepared for that category actually winning!

May I close by stating I am not a member of any political party and believe there are MPs of all parties doing sterling work and if they could put aside party loyalty they could combine into a Government that could get us out of the mire we are in.


Burnsall Place,