LETTER: On--the-spot fines for criminals don’t work

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I WAS pleased to read that a top magistrate has publicly said what the rest of us have been thinking for a long time. That serious criminals are escaping justice by being let off with cautions and on-the-spot fines. John Fassenfelt, chairman of the Magistrates’ Association, has said serious crimes are being punished “inappropriately” by such means. How right he is. More than a million offenders have escaped court since on-the-spot fines were introduced in 2004 and half of all fines are unpaid within the 21-day limit.

The public are fed up to the back teeth as offenders blithely get away with their misbehaviour, both major and minor, and quite frankly this situation must change.

Well done to Mr Fassenfelt for speaking up for all of us.


UKIP North West MEP