LETTER: Not all Blessed Trinity pupils are ‘equal’

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I RECALL a letter being printed a year ago regarding the school trip policy for Blessed Trinity RC College pupils. I would like to add my own thoughts and comments in reference to the above.

My niece has just completed her first year at the school, she has had an excellent school report, attends regularly and is always punctual.

She has represented the school in various sporting activities and is a member of the local Bob Cat Swimming Club. Her swimming commitments require her attendance at two early morning sessions. She has to train before school. She is a member of Burnley Youth Theatre and attends ballet and tap classes.

As you can gather, she isn’t one to idle her time away. I was disappointed to learn, therefore, she wasn’t allowed to go on her school trip as she hadn’t gained enough merits! I gather that, out of a school population of 1,200 pupils, about 100 were chosen to attend.

I would like to know how this decision was made and how the school can be allowed to discriminate against the remaining pupils who do not meet the criteria for a school trip? We should reward positivity not negativity!

After a disappointing Ofsted report, I would hope such outdated practices will be shelved and a policy introduced whereby all pupils were made to feel valued. As a former St Hilda’s pupil, I have fond memories of our end-of-term school outings. Our form teachers and headteacher, Sister Mary Joseph, instilled a real sense of belonging into all the girls. We were all treated as equals and made to feel we were important to school life.

Maybe if my niece adopted a “couldn’t care less” attitude to school life and idled her time away on street corners she may be treated in a more positive way. No doubt she would be enlisted on a behavioural programme and rewarded for making the effort to attend school and improve her behaviour.

I do believe following the Ofsted report an action plan has been devised by senior management to improve standards. I feel this can only be achieved by ensuring all pupils are made to feel valued as they are the “key factor” to the overall success of the school.