LETTER: No need for the school closures

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I AM absolutely amazed that more than half the schools in Clitheroe are closed this morning (Monday) just because of an inch of snow on the ground.

I really don’t believe that whoever causes these closures to take place are really expecting us to believe that “elf and safety” are involved yet again!

This morning, immediately the closures were announced, most of the kids in the town were off dragging their sledges to the nearest high point, some accompanied by parents (and who blames them?).

In town itself a little snow (what was it, less the one inch?) old age pensioners (including myself and my wife) were up town doing our shopping. The streets, thanks to our council, were mainly snow free on the main roads and the pavements were mainly clear of snow.

I think this is just an excuse for teachers to give themselves another day off work. Obviously 13 weeks holiday out of 52 weeks a year is plainly not enough.

Needless to say, not so many years ago people managed to battle through a couple of feet of snow to get to school or work, and just got on with it.


Wilson Street