Letter: My letter seems to have ruffled a few feathers

My letter in the Express praising and thanking John Stubbs for what I consider to be his outstanding contribution as Burnley Cricket Club chairman over the past four years seems to have ruffled a few feathers, judging from the apparent annoyance exhibited by two correspondents who have chosen to write under pen-names.

It’s all down to judgment and opinion of course. Mine rests on my view of John as a much more credible figure, in terms of ability and business experience, than those who sought to undermine his chairmanship.

As for the football club’s designs on the cricket site I never had less than complete confidence in John as a formidably competent custodian of the cricket interest.

I am not disrespectful of the views of any of my fellow cricket club members, whether or not they are players or ex-players, though I sometimes think that in the latter case their recollections of on-field contributions to the club reflect the hazy glow of nostalgia rather than reality.

I was amused, too, to be invited to take “a very slow boat to China”. At least if I did decide to embark on such a voyage I would be able to afford it.