LETTER: Lap-top computer fell from roof of car

I WOULD like to let you know about the kindness I received from total strangers while in Burnley.

Several weeks ago my son and I moved from our pub in Sabden and booked a night at the Keirby Park Hotel as we were unable to move to our new address until the next day.

I have to say the staff there were lovely, especially to my Great Dane, who could not understand what was happening.

We left the next morning, and after having had a pub for 11 years, I have to admit to feeling a little disorientated no longer having the pressure of the job. We put our belongings into our already full cars and set off round the roundabout just by the hotel. When I stopped at traffic lights a lady in the next car shouted that she had seen my lap top fall from off the roof of the car. I was horrified when I realised I must have put it there while loading the car, and so annoyed at my carelessness. In a panic I rang my son, but could not see anything, despite driving twice around the roundabout.

I drove back to the roundabout, thinking I had no chance of getting it back, but when I got there I was flagged down by a man who had seen my computer fall. Another man had stopped and picked it up, intending to take it to the police station. I was amazed. He has waited at the roundabout just to see if I came back and told me: “If it is not there I have the registration number and make of the car of the man who has your computer”.

More amazement followed at the police station. My laptop was there, and the man who took it in had not even left his name. How kind of him to make sure it was taken to the safety of the police.

I am truly grateful to all three people whose kindness resulted in finding the computer. Without them I would not have realised it was missing until hours and miles later. I am only sorry I am unable to thank them personally.

My computer is now completely fine, and even though it had a perfect tyre print on the pink outside case I only had to have a new screen for it to work again perfectly. There is, however, a chip on the corner of the case, obviously caused when it hit the road. This will always remind me how lucky I was that day, and about the kindness of the three people who helped me.