LETTER: Kwik Save site will make positive contribution to area

MR K. ROYLE’S letter “Labour Activists” in last week’s letters’ page about the former Kwik Save site is typical of the Labour Party’s negative view of Burnley.

Firstly, he tries to claim Kwik Save pulled out of Burnley because of a lack of confidence. The reality, of course, is that the firm went bust and closed dozens of stores around the country, nothing to do with the business having a negative view of Burnley.

Secondly, the Labour Party activist suggests I claimed one firm will regenerate the area.

I did not say that but it is a key site and, along with other things, the new brewery and new housing, for example, the area is starting to turn around. Mr Royle is correct we didn’t make a profit on the deal but we met our objectives – to use external funding to sell the site, bring in new jobs and make a positive contribution to the area.

I think we can read into Mr Royle’s letter that the Labour Party would have done what they did when they ran the council – not a lot!