LETTER: Keeping an eye on Trawden mill development

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I WAS concerned to read Helen Walker’s letter about the conditions attached to the original planning permission for Hollin Hall Mill being ignored, in relation to Saturday working (Letters, November 11th).

We have taken action against some unacceptable times of working. But since the original negotiations, the site has changed owners, and they would like to work on Saturdays in line with other sites across Pendle, so they have applied for planning permission to allow them to do so.

The council’s Colne and District Committee will decide whether or not to allow that application. It will, of course, take residents’ views into account when coming to its decision. In the meantime, we have to use a common sense approach and be fair to everyone. If a developer is doing something that is acceptable in all other parts of Pendle, we need to make sure we treat them the same as the other developers and not simply take action for the sake of it.

Considerable time and resources have gone into monitoring the site since 2003 and taking enforcement action when needed. At the beginning of the development, concerns were raised over the importation of material to the site. The development was stopped until that matter was resolved.

During the initial phase of the development, the site was inspected at least once a week to make sure it was in line with the planning permission, and action was taken against the former developer to make them install wheel washing facilities for vehicles leaving the site. So I think this demonstrates that conditions attached to planning consents do mean something. And we will challenge developers when we need to.


Planning & Building Control Manager Pendle Council