LETTER: It’s highways team, not frost, to blame for state of roads

With regard to the dreadful state of the roads around our town, I would lay the blame not so much on the frost, but on the inefficient way the highways people operate.

It is pointless to send out their street artist with his white paint unless they intend to follow up swiftly with the repair squad. I say this because, last spring, he came along Brownside Road and up to Worsthorne marking some of the worst potholes and damage.

Nothing further was done until mid-November, just before the first snow came. When the repair squad finally came, all the paint had been washed away or crumbled into the growing potholes. Even the smaller ones had joined up to increase what were the marked ones. The men of the repair squad are only allowed to fill in where there is white paint so very little was rectified. The surface at Brownside bridge is now disgraceful. None of the marked areas above the bridge going into Worsthorne have even been looked at since they were marked.

I see the street artist has been out again this week, marking a small area of damage, but how long will it take before we see any action to repair all the damage as the whole road is a mess?