LETTER: If Tony Blair was a bad PM, what is David Cameron?

I FEEL that I must respond to the letter in the Express by Mr Whittaker about Tony Blair.

Firstly he asks about why the man hasn’t been mentioned regarding events in Libya. I have to wonder where he has been hiding because the media and my paper have been full about his phone calls etc. to Gadaffi.

Perhaps, given his perception of politics, he only reads Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda sheets disguised as newspapers.

He should remember these are the thoughts of a man who spends so much time at Number 10 that he is the third member of the “Three Stooges” there. He also has to be paid back for getting David Cameron into that house with the reward being the gradual dismembering of the BBC so that everyone has to buy his satellite dishes for decent television.

But back to Tony Blair who he describes as “not a very good PM”. Perhaps history will name him as the man who brought peace in Northern Ireland as well as slashing unemployment, building new schools, giving us the minimum wage, cutting hospital waiting lists and crime figures drastically.

All these of course are being quickly reversed by the current version of the Chuckle Brothers.

Compare this with the newest inhabitants’ version of saving money. Turning off speed cameras to save £38m. a year when they raise around £100m. annually.

Then there are the new aircraft carriers still to be built but no planes to put on them.

Mr Cameron surely is one of the few people who think that by putting a million more people on the dole it saves money. Obviously he is not including the redundancy pay or the benefits which will have to be paid or the loss in revenue in income tax or NHS contributions.

He also thinks you can cure inflation by putting VAT up to 20%.

The real irony behind all this incompetence is that if Mr Whittaker cares to spend a few moments on the internet he will see how unnecessary it all is as our debt is the least of any of the developed countries.

Surely the only reason for the cuts is their idea to save money for a big giveaway before the next election when they will proudly say that they have “sorted the economy out so we can give you all this” before giving us back what they have taken from us.

So if Mr Whittaker thinks Tony Blair was a bad PM what does that make David Cameron?

Up to now after destroying British industry Margaret Thatcher was the worst Prime Minister we ever had.

However, after just a few months of the new Premier, I feel sure that he will surpass her and when thrown out with up to four million out of work and our debt higher he will assume the role as the Frank Spencer of Prime Ministers.