LETTER: I have the right to speak out

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AS a boy I was always told to be truthful and speak your mind. It is something I have done on several occasions, as well as working alongside the authorities in the fight against anti-social behaviour here in Bank Hall.

I have been assaulted and verbally abused, but still tried to help other people in the community when they were having problems caused by anti-social behaviour — only to be accused of being a troublemaker by the authorities.

Well, I would like to tell these people that they have got it wrong and that I do have the right to speak out if I wish.

After living here for 55 years you could say I do care about the area, so, if I may, I want to say something to other people who also live here.

If anyone wants to comment about what is going on and anti-social behaviour, but are afraid to do so, they should speak out without fear.

I cannot continue alone and the authorities will not listen to one voice.