LETTER: I don’t want my garden to go to waste

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I READ the “Burnley Going Green” article (Express, April 1st) with great interest as it encompasses two of my pet “loves” : growing your own fruit and vegetables and making good use of any derelict land or other spaces which can be utilised for the benefit of people either singly or in groups.

It would be great if all the derelict pieces of land in Burnley were turned over to group allotments or gardens and would so improve the town visually.

However, I have to say that I am a Calico tenant and as such I have a very large back garden. Unfortunately, it is on a slope and covered in “field” grass. I have cultivated the bottom bit and now grow fruit (rhubarb, blackcurrant, blackberry; raspberry; etc) in tyres as it is reasonably flat. I am also cultivating the side which is fairly flat but I would dearly love to cultivate the rest of the garden or half of it, at least, (maybe even be self-sufficient – who knows!) but here is the problem – I am 63 years old and have arthritis in my knees and wrists/thumbs and am just not strong enough to undertake the initial transformation from grass mountain to some sort of terracing or, even, a little levelling and some raised beds. Also, being a pensioner, money is not available to spend freely.

It is very annoying not to be able to wield a spade when one has always been used to doing it so It seems I am destined to sit and watch this land go to waste when I know it could be so productive. Unless, of course, someone has a magic wand and can help ?

I do spend one day a week (shortly to be two) at Offshoots where I can help things grow to my heart’s content. I always come home wishing that were my garden.

I look forward to hearing how this venture progresses.