LETTER: Holmestrand Avenue is not a no-go area

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I AM writing about the report in the Express on Friday, April 8th, concerning the estate I live on.

In the report it said three estates were no-go areas, Griffin, Barclay and Holmestrand (GBH). Well I can tell you to take the H out of this.

I have lived on the Holmestrand estate for 49 years and we have never had anyone terrorising our estate. This report gives out the wrong message to the people of Burnley. Myself and a few residents who have also lived on the estate for many years would like to send the right message about our estate. It is a nice, quiet avenue and many other residents agree with what I have written.




We would like to point out the article in question clearly stated the area was dubbed the GBH estate 12 years ago but has since begun to improve - Editor.