LETTER: Healey Wood to Lowerhouse bus route madness

AFTER dozens of complaints the No. 3 bus from Healey Wood to Lowerhouse via Clifton Farm is still 10 minutes late or not coming at all.

Can anyone enlighten us who the “person” is who planned this route?

After waiting at Burnley Bus Station on February 2nd for this bus at 3-17 p.m. for 40 minutes it came in and went out with no passengers on to Healey Wood – but it never came back.

We waited for an hour. The next one came and was going to Healey Wood again. We were so cold and we all got on it and went to Healey Wood to get back to Clifton Farm and Lowerhouse.

We confronted the inspector but he couldn’t help – it was nothing to do with Burnley & Pendle. I arrived home at 4-50 p.m.

The point in this letter is that the “person” who planned the route is not being fair to a lot of older people (and I am one of them) standing about at bus stops in the very cold weather we have had this winter.