LETTER: Have you seen the film ‘Carry On Banking’?

There are times when I feel I am an extra in the “comedy” film “Carry on Banking”.

This film, the sequel to the earlier blockbuster “Mis-selling Galore!”, has a simple storyline in which the bankers have taken over the country.

The plot involves the bankers behaving dreadfully and rewarding themselves handsomely for their endeavours.

Anyway, when things go wrong they manage to hoodwink the politicians into saving them by getting the taxpayers to foot the bill.

There are some interesting individual scenes, such as when one of the biggest banks is accused of laundering money to the tune of $160bn for some gangsters.

Meanwhile, a Mrs Glockenspiel, a customer of 40 years standing, is refused a new savings account in which to deposit her £25 win on the Premium Bonds AS she can’t prove her identity with a gas bill and parking ticket dated within the last sixth months.

While this is taking place, another of the banks finds their head of fraud prevention has been engaging in defrauding the bank out of the best part of £2.5m.

The bank in question is outraged and releases a statement saying that defrauding customers was quite acceptable but defrauding the bank was behaviour they would not tolerate.

The film ends with the politicians trying to sound tough and eventually they hit on the idea of issuing the banks with a CASBO (Corporate Anti-Social Behaviour Order), which prevents the banks from selling their products and services after 9pm at night.

And they all lived happily ever after.

KEVIN HEY Castle Road, Colne