LETTER: Government attacks most vulnerable in society

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I AM absolutely disgusted at the savage cuts in youth services to be imposed in Burnley.

I am even more disgusted that our MP contents himself with a rant at county council and refuses to stand up for the young people of our town. He knows as well as anyone that the blame for these cuts lies entirely with the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition Government; a government in which he seems very happy to serve.

What did he think county council was going to do when his Government made the decision to cut £179m. from Lancashire’s budget? The cuts to youth provision are just the next in a long line of cuts that have to date targeted the elderly, the sick and the disabled.

This Government unashamedly attacks the most vulnerable groups in society and yet makes no serious attempt to tackle tax evasion, excessive bankers’ bonuses or to trim expensive management structures.

Gordon Birtwistle and the Liberal Democrat councillors are always looking for someone else to blame. They do not seem to realise they are in power and the responsibility for these cuts lies with them. They seem to forget they were elected to represent the people of Burnley not the interests of the Conservative Party and their friends and financial backers in the City of London.