LETTER: Friends of Earth appeal for Burnley Bus Station signs

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BURNLEY Bus Station, modern, well-lit and clean with lovely floral displays in the summer, is a place of which we can all be proud.

There is no scurrying across bus ways in the rain for we are all under cover and the only place where passengers may cross is a zebra crossing. The gates open and close properly (most of the time) and free toilets are available. Not many local bus stations can match up to ours.

But one thing has gone wrong. We used to have illuminated signs showing destinations, departure gates and times. Many passengers would look up as they came into the station and, with one glance, knew where to go.

Now the signs have gone and passengers really miss them. It makes life difficult for older people, disabled people, occasional bus users, visitors to the town and people like me and a friend with a choice of buses: Mainliners from gate two or 95s from gate six or Mainliners from gate four or four and five from gate eight.

Not being able to locate a bus quickly and easily is frustrating and may even lead to missing a bus. Many passengers have complained about losing the signs.

Friends of the Earth is trying to encourage people to use public transport. One bus carries around 50 passengers, saving on fuel, carbon dioxide emissions and even parking spaces in town centres. Buses are a good idea.

But Lancashire County Council, in its wisdom, decided to switch off the signs to save a relatively paltry sum of money. Friends of the Earth is therefore appealing to our local county councillors to campaign vigorously to reverse this unpopular decision. They are, after all, elected to office in order to represent our views.