LETTER: Double standards over crossing campaign

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We’ve recently seen County Coun. George Adam and Labour ringleader Azhar Ali looking like they’ve been campaigning for a new pelican crossing in Hibson Road, Nelson, for years.

I’d like to remind readers that it was not too long ago George Adam said in a “Save St Paul’s” meeting the new pelican crossing outside the Edge End School site was a waste of money as the school had been demolished.

Now they are campaigning for one outside a school that won’t be there much longer. This smacks of double standards for opportunism.

They were wrong about the Edge End crossing anyway.

It serves parents with children at Lynwood Day Nursery as well.

George is stretching the truth, too. He says there have been over 10 accidents in the past few years. The police say there have been no major accidents since 2007.

When it comes to double standards, you can certainly rely on this double act to take the top prize.

I just hope the people of our area can see straight through them!


Conservative candidate,

Nelson South, LCC 2013